(John + Katie) - Embrace Church & Country Club of Sioux Falls

The gown waiting in preparation.

With the help of Katie's MOH or better known as big sis, they helped each other prepare for the big day ahead.

Every bride needs a "selfie" with her girls!

The long await to see John's bride was sheer excitement and exhilaration when he had to wait 10 minutes for his bride while they fixed her dress.

Sharing a laugh between each other as they couldn't believe their big day was finally here.

Katie's dress flowed perfectly from every way she swayed.

Even in a black and white image, you can see a colorful laugh being painted between the groomsmen.

The quickest getaway we had to stay dry from the rain!

Using our surroundings, the reflection from an end table created a fun "guy's photo".

A different look to our formals by using this sophisticated hallway instead.

The simplicity of using black and white shows how much more the ring is perfect in every way.

A prayer for their marriage.

In dark churches, the use of off camera lighting makes awesome images.

The hand-off from daughter to bride.

The off camera flash rimmed their silhouettes beautifully creating this soulful portrait.

A wide shot of the bridal party.

The first kiss as husband and wife with many cheering them on.

Oh boy. They are definitely going to remember this for years to come! 

Sharing a quick dance on the golf course before going in to do the "real thing".

Their happiness shined no matter how dark it would get.

A quick snap before heading into party!

Katie's dad is in a band and her mom decided to join in a song with him.

Sharing a sweet smile as they sway the night away.