Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

I am pretty sure at some point I have to stop calling him Baby Boy. He lets me, so I guess I'll keep doing it! My baby turned 5 last week and we had a nice celebration on Saturday to commemorate the event. HE'S FIVE!!! Where did five years go? He says the funniest things. Just last week I threatened to leave him home alone and he was not concerned one bit. Instead he exclaimed, "Then I can say badwords!"  So I ask, "Mm, what bad words are you going to say?"  *silence*  Trust me, this was a moment I won't soon forget. I bet he never mentions bad words again though. But, I swear that he is the funniest kid I know! I love this age, and my kid, and wish he'd stay five. This fall you can all witness as I take my last baby to school and I am sure there will be a full fledged meltdown to follow. Anyway, it was the perfect little party. A few friends from preschool and a few cousins too. He even had a special visitor stop by. He requested a Star Wars cake to fit the Star Wars theme and I have to say, I think I rocked the cake. It turned out pretty well.

Happy 5th Birthday Pryce!


Darth stopped in for a visit!


Only 1 girlfriend this year.


The Masterpiece!


Did you know it took me a whole container of black food coloring to make a dark gray frosting? And, did you know that if you get it on your skin it doesn't wash off easily? And did you know that black and blue food coloring can make you look like you got into a vicious bar fight? Did you also know that it is a huge mess to wash black food coloring off every surface because it stains everything? No? Now you do! :)