I'm gonna wax you.

I'm gonna wax you. That's the text I got from my husband this morning. It's time all for the big dance, the time each year that I look forward to cleaning up with my husband and his sports obsession. He thinks because I don't listen to ESPN radio all day, or watch hours of Sportscenter, that I have no idea what is going on in sportsland. What he still fails to realize after all this time is that I have have a great love of college basketball (Specifically the Duke Blue Devils) and that I pay attention a lot more than he thinks I do. Plus, I think I am just good at picking the bracket because I am a girl and don't let my manliness overpower my brain and get in the way of picking smart wins.

This will be the 9th year we've filled out brackets with a bet. Winner picks a movie. And, it will be the 9th year in a row that Dwayne has been forced to sit through the cheesiest, gushiest chick flick I could find. I am thinking Bride Wars this year. :D

In case you are curious, my Final Four picks are:

Michigan, Memphis, Pittsburgh and North Carolina. North Carolina Vs. Memphis in the Finals with North Carolina taking it all.

His Final Four picks are: North Carolina, Memphis, Pittsburgh and Wake Forest North Carolina Vs. Memphis in the finals with NC taking it all.

This means that we will have it out in the first few rounds to see who's smarter (me) and better at picking the wins (me) and who rules (me).

I am gonna wax him. Again.