Happy Anniversary

Last weekend we braved a blizzard and a closed interstate to go to Wyoming and attend the 25th Anniversary party for my Dad and Step-mom Ellen. I was 4 when they were married and I remember it! Barely, but I do have vague memories of the actual event! This is my favorite photo of the night. They didn't have a first dance at their wedding, so they had one at their party. annv4

This is Ellen's parents. They have been married for almost 60 years! Grandpa turned 80 yesterday. Its so fun to talk to them. They've experienced so many things and are truly a joy. annv3

The girls. Back when this wedding occured, I was blessed with tons of new cousins. We are all within a few years of each other and we all have little girls the same ages too. There are a few missing, but how cute is this image?! I have so many memories of my cousins growing up. I hope my kids have the same great memories! annv2

Little Shenanigans. Somer stole Grandma's boots and hat, and these boys, my son Pryce and nephew Logan are just 3 months apart in age. I wish we could see them more, they have such fun together! annv1