My first weekend off of the summer! We surprised the girls with tickets to Taylor Swift. Kenedi had been begging to go and we kept saying no, the whole time we had tickets and it was so much to surprise them. They had no idea! Since the show sold out so quickly, we didn't have seats together. My dad and I planned on letting the girls have the "good" seats and we'd take the ones in the "back"  Turns out the good seats, in the first section, were actually on the floor and because of the catwalk stage, were basically under the bleachers. Needless to say, we were not happy. (we actually couldn't believe they even sold those seats, it was pretty disappointing) So, we switched and gave the girls the "bad" seats. Turns out Taylor had two stages and came and sat right in front of the girls for a few songs. They were both able to get hugs from her when she walked through the crowd (WOW!) and Somer tells me she told her she was her BFF. I liked her Ok before, but she made my girls extremely happy. The show was fantastic and I will admit now I am a bigger fan than I thought. Here are a few images. More on my FACEBOOK. Friend me if you like! or Better, BECOME A FAN!



ts3After the show we headed into the hills to a little cabin at the High Country Guest Ranch. Since we've done so many things in the hills, we wanted some place to just have fun and relax. My sister Lisa joined us with my adorable nephews. We had so much fun and it was a perfect weekend.


This photo just SCREAMS SUMMERTIME!!!