Special Day Today!

Seven years ago I lived in Sioux Falls and Kenedi was just seven years old! I signed up to be her Girl Scout Leader. I was assigned a troop and partnered with a woman I'd never met at my leader partner. Turns out it was Sigrun, an immigrant from Iceland. We had the best time being Girl Scout leaders together, and we became fast friends. Since our daughters were so close in age, they loved that their mom's were friends too. We spent a lot of time with their family until we moved to Pierre. One of fondest memories was celebrating Easter at their house. We had lamb, a first for me, and IcelandicHarddfiskur, basically, fish jerky (not a fan). We were also able to try some of her traditional cookies and pastries. That meal still stands out to me, seven years later. After we moved, we kept in touch for awhile, but as things often do during separations, our visits became further and further apart. I sent a Christmas card each year, but we hadn't visted in person in a few years. Well, because of the magical wonders of Facebook, we renewed our friendship online, and a few weeks ago we met up in Sioux Falls for dinner. We ended up talking and laughing half the night and into the morning. It was so great to rekindle that kind of friendship. Our girls are 8th graders now and they picked up where they left off too. Giggling, laughing, talking about boys and having a great time together!

But, the real reason for this post is that I wanted to celebrate Sigrun and her daughter's big day today! They are becoming US Citizens!! I am a little sad I can't be there in person, but I am celebrating from afar. After 13 years in the US, several thousand dollars, miles of paperwork and tests, they are officially Americans.

Congratulations to Sigrun, Birgitta and Sarah on your citizenship! (((HUGS))))