Danielle and Ed :: The Real Wedding Post

So I don't really even know how to begin this blog post because this wedding has become something more than a regular old wedding to me. When Danielle first called about photographing her wedding, I knew right away she was the type of bride I love to have. She's a creative sort like me, and her enthusiasm was absolutely tangible. I knew it was going to be fun. Then she calls to cancel. Says that the wedding is getting too big and they decided to elope.

Then she calls to tell me they aren't canceling, but they have a plan. A plan that includes a "fake" elopement destination wedding, but they really are going to get married at home and not tell anyone. So the plan went into motion. Danielle and Ed went ahead with there "fake" elopement. So far as to have a fake plane itinerary and fake reservations and everything. She of course went ahead and bought a dress and rings and the whole bit. So, instead, they planned a "pre-ception" that was to take place the weekend prior to the elopement in Napa. So, invitations went out to their select family and friends for a small, intimate dinner at their family cabin in the hills near Deadwood. The only four people in the world that knew were Ed, Danielle, the minister and Me. (ok, and Dwayne too, so five)

This is how it all went down...

I arrived in the afternoon as they were still setting up... Danielle is a graphic artist herself and the details from the invites, to the save the dates, everything, was amazing.



Then we headed back to the cabin to Get Ready, for the first time. osl0

Then we came back and everyone was just leisurely having some food. osl109


And Danielle asked her Dad to help her with something... osl124 osl141

And then Danielle had him wait, while she got ready, again. osl167 osl164 Hello Carrie Bradshaw... osl157

Then dad came into the tent. I believe the words were... "Dad, will you give me away today?" osl171

And of course he said "Yes!" osl176

So, they joined the group... osl181

And there was a wedding... osl246


And some crying and kissing.... Untitled-1

And a few portraits... osl344





And the rest of the time was spent enjoying their perfect wedding!