Jocelyn and Marcus : 08.05.11

One of my favorite types of weddings (who am I kidding, I love all weddings) but one of my favorite, FAVORITE, weddings are the home weddings. The ones held in a yard of someone's home. Jocelyn's original wedding plans included a riverside wedding, but with the flooding experienced in Pierre this year, they had to go to plan B. I'm not sure why this wasn't plan A to begin with, but her parent's home is beautiful and was a charming location to have the wedding. We started with Jocelyn getting ready.  The light was gorgeous in the upstairs rooms and it's fun to see the bride get ready in a home she grew up in.  Not one to stay with tradition, Marcus helped the bride into her dress and we were off for portraits around the yard.  The ceremony was on the front lawn and the backyard was designed elegantly to host the guests. A very special highlight was the Capital City Children's Choir provided music during the ceremony. Jocelyn's mom founded the choir and they are well known for their amazing talents. It was a great treat for me and the guests alike!

Shortly after the ceremony, a thunderstorm hit. Jocelyn took it in stride as family and friend helped move things inside. While we weren't expecting to cozy up in the house, it made for a lot of laughs and togetherness as the storm passed. True to South Dakota nature, the storm cooled off the night making it perfect for a night under the stars.

Jocelyn and Marcus are so fantastic and I was so blessed to be part of their wedding!