Pryce turned 8

My sweet baby boy is already 8. He has lost most of his teeth and has big buck teeth right now that I just adore. I think he's so cute in them! He currently loves basketball, wrestling and football. He loves watching football with his Dad and cheering on those poor Minnesota Vikings. He loves Gogurt. He always steals my phone to plan Angry Birds. He hates wearing a coat. He doesn't like to take baths, but loves getting dirty. He smiles a lot. He's mostly happy all the time. He is usually sweet, and he is always going to be my little boy. <3  

We had this party a few weeks back at the Skyforce game. It was pretty awesome. At the end of the night he asked if next year he could have his party there too. Parents, it's a great deal too. No clean up! Plus, in comparison to other birthday party hosts, it's very inexpensive. Call Kyle at the Skyforce office to book a party!