Miller Family

One of the biggest excuses I hear about why people do not have family portrait is "We don't have time." When is the right time? It's kind of like what people say about having kids "If you wait until you can afford them, you'll never have them."   Kind of anyway. What I am saying is that you never will have a right time to do portraits. But how would you feel tomorrow if you couldn't do them? Unfortunately, that happens too often. People wait and someone is lost before you ever had the chance.

Take the Miller Family for example. This is my sister and her husband and in-laws. Her husband Jason will be leaving for Afganistan too soon.  His sweet mom has had some health problems. So, despite all their busy schedules, and trying to coordinate lives of three households, we made it work and got this done. If they can do it, you can do it too. :)