Alyssa : Class of 2013 Senior

PIerre Senior Portraits

I will never ever forget Alyssa. Ever. First reason, because she's awesome. I have been photographing her since she was like 11, and she is really a genuine sweet, amazing girl.

Second, her senior pictures were quite an ordeal. First we trek out onto Farm Island so far, we have to take a pick-up and a park ranger. Then he leaves us. And we were then attacked by the worst biting flies in history. The kind that draw blood. :S It was bad. But we persevered!

Then, we go to our second location, and lock ourselves out of the running car. (I won't name name, ahem.. Shebly...) And we have to wait for a lock smith.

And THEN, we got the most beautiful amazing sunset ever.

And it was all worth it. Love you girl!