the {e} family : sioux falls family portraits

It's always a humbling experience when another photographer chooses you to photograph their family. I love Emily of Emily Eggebraaten Photography as a friend and colleague, so I was thrilled to photograph her family too. But talk about pressure!! We had so much fun planning and doing this together. I know she won't mind me using her as an example. But the following images are what happens when you talk to your photographer and make a real plan about what you envision for your images.  We were lucky to have the most perfect evening imaginable, but everything from the clothing choices, to the bicycles, to the location, were carefully planned to make sure we had the best results. I am happy to plan your portrait session with you as well. This is part of what makes the difference when choosing a professional photographer or a hobbyiest. Know that I care very deeply about the outcome of your images and I want yours to be every bit as beautiful as the images you are about to see.

Thank you Emily for entrusting your family to me, and for letting my vision come to life!

Mother and Daughter Photo with bicycle