(Jody + Tori) - Sioux Falls Private Home Wedding

This gorgeous designer gown by Rebecca Schoeneveld hung perfectly in the window as it awaited for the bride. Shoes were designed by Kate Spade.

In the home she grew up in, her mother and sister helped her get ready for her very special day. Kat Christensen helped out this bride with the perfect make up touches.

Tori preparing herself for the moments ahead. 

The first look is always a beautiful moment for the couple.

Tori's bridesmaids were full of giggles throughout the happy tears for their friend.

This group of gentleman were ready to stand beside their friend for his big day!

Florist Jerry Trefz worked his magic for Jody and Tori by preparing the beautiful decor used throughout the day.

A gorgeous couple that shine like soul mates.

Florist Jerry Trefz prepared the floral decor for the day while doing an outstanding job!

Jody and Tori decided to have some of their closest family to have their young ones to be flower children and toss a few petals. It was an adorable scene to watch!

This is a beautiful moment. A father giving away his daughter for the first time is one of the biggest and happiest moments of their lives.

One of our favorite things is to try to capture the grooms face as he sees his bride walk down the aisle. Jody's expression show it all!

This venue...the light...the couple....ahhh! It's all too perfect!

Sealing this wedding a the perfect kiss.

A fun scene as the flower children threw some of the petals back up for the couple. Can't leave without a bang!

The Bellfuries were ready to rock and roll some sweet tunes for the couple along with DJ Wade Randall later that evening.

A gorgeous lounge area with an even better view!

Because who doesn't want to have a little fun and games at their wedding?

As they gaze into each others eyes during their first dance as husband and wife, everyone else watched in awe of the beautiful couple.

Dancing to the Bellfuries, Dad and his little girl swaying the night away.

Jody's best man and Tori's maid of honor gave one memorable speech that was perfect for the couple. 

Cheers to the new couple!

The cheesecake recipes were something Tori grew up with in her childhood that her mom would make and thought it was a perfect treat for their wedding! Pies were provided by queen city bakery. The meal was prepared Joe's Kansas City and Chef Dom's Catering

This venue couldn't have been more perfect the couple as it was located right below Tori's home.