(Shadoe + Marcy) - Sioux Falls Riviera Wedding

Marcy's beautiful wedding gown showed light, beauty and elegance as it hung on her wedding day. With exquisite sequence and embellishments, this gown was made for her.

From head to toe, Marcy is decorated in beautiful textures. Her shoes that she would walk down the aisle in, made the perfect sparkle to match her jewelry. As her mother helped add these touches, it was a moment that these two would share forever.

The guys sharing a moment before its go time.

Marcy's shoes were perfect for her in every way.

From the make up to the dazzling jewelry, this bride is beautiful from any angle.

Shadoe and Marcy's venue had the perfect amount of light that shined through as she was walking in.

Grandparents are in important. The reaction to seeing their granddaughter on her wedding day is something that no one will forget.

As Marcy walked in, Shadoe could not have been more nervous or excited to finally see Marcy.

The rings absolutely sparkled as the light gently hit the rings. The purple ring bearer pillow made an excellent back ground as it gave an intriguing view and formed a beautiful image.

As Marcy walked down the aisle with her father, here is a beautiful image capturing the moment between them.

With a wide angle, this church gathered many in on this beautiful day to celebrate an even better couple.

Whether it is inside saying the vows or outside running through bubbles, this couple glowed from every angle.

With her girls by her side, this day could not have gotten any better.

A breath taking bride and a wondrous flower girl, this photo is perfect in every way!

Isn't Marcy bouquet stunning?? I mean those colors and the flowers...aahh! I'm in love!

There is never a dull moment when it comes to the guys and having fun!

This spot was absolutely divine! Love how the veil just draws you to the couple in this image.

These guys were an absolute blast to work with. Their personalities were a hoot!

You can just see how much love they share!

Everywhere Marcy went on this day, you could just see how happy she was! Her sweet smile couldn't have been any bigger.

Prairie Nature area gave a beautiful setting for this couple. I love how the light shines through giving the perfect touches.

The Sioux Falls Riviera was a beautiful venue for a beautiful couple. I love how the bokeh gives a nice touch from the gorgeous chandelier.

While eating their meal and guests clinging their glasses together for a kiss, this couple can do it all.

After the meal, it was time to dance the night away! This angle and the lighting is just...aaahhh!! <3