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The (O) Family - The Everlasting Gift of Photography.

Last year I was blessed to meet the Olson’s. Kacie’s sister reached out to me and told me that Dale was sick and they really needed a family portrait session. I hadn’t met them before, but I wanted to be sure that their family had images in the worst imaginable situation.

We often talk about the importance of family portraits, and it’s not just a marketing pitch. Regularly clients reach out when they know that a family portrait is something that’s no longer a want, but a need.

I personally try to document every moment in my own life, but so many shy away from portraits during the tough times, when they really become more urgent and important. For some families, these images are literally, completely, priceless.

Life can be ugly, but there are beautiful times and memories to be had. So thankful to Sara for reaching out to me, and I am glad I can use my talents for something truly meaningful.

Family portraits are important. Do them. Do them often. <3

In Memory of Dale Olson - Feb 2, 1982 - Dec 26, 2018