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The S Family - Three Generations of Laughs!

A few years ago my great grandma Green passed away. She was quick as whip into her 90s and I love the stories she would tell about her farm growing up. I can still smell her house. You know, that Grandma’s house smell. It takes you right back to being a kid. One of the things I always loved at her house was looking at this photo of her parents on her wall. They were gone a good twenty years before I was even born, but I loved looking at those photos. That history of generations before. The story of my family… Your family. Your roots. My love for these old photos may be what drew me into photography. I just love the history of a family.

As families grow up, they often scatter to the winds. Everyone grows up and moves away to start their own careers and families. Getting together to make a family photo seems like something that’s not really that important, but before you know it, the grandbabies are big kids and headed off to college and that whole circle of life thing starts over again! And someday, somewhere, a little girl is going to be looking at that portrait and learning her own family history.

A beautiful family portrait will always be treasured! Hanging in the family room now, or as an heirloom for future generations, no one ever regrets the time to take family photos!

This beautiful family is stretched from Nebraska to Washington, DC, and we enjoyed making a little family history with them. <3 Laura and Jamie (On the right side) is another one of my amazing wedding couples back from 2011! Now they’ve started their family and that circle of life grows…