sioux falls sports photography

All images are pre-pay only. There are no proofs of sports images.

ORDERING BEFORE PHOTO DAY - If you are ordering prior to your photo day all you need to do is select your products on the next page and show up to photo day.  We will have your order filled out and in your team's packet.  If your photographer doesn't present your order to the child please remind them of the online order.  Sometimes in the craziness of photo day a photographer doesn't see an online order in the team packet. 

ORDERING AFTER PHOTO DAY - If you are ordering after photo day you must have an image number to place your order.  If we don't have an image number given by the photographer we are not able to fill the order and your order will be refunded.  Also, if you are ordering more than 48 hours after the photos were taken it may take up to two weeks to have your photos delivered.  After 48 hours there is a good chance we have already printed and packaged your league's photos and we only print photos in batches every two weeks.  There is a $5.00 Processing and Handling fee added to orders placed after photo day.